Birkenstock Shoes & Sandals

Made in Germany for over 200 years, Birkenstock footwear carries with it a reputation of respect for both its customers and the environment.

With the creation of the original contoured footbed, Birkenstock set itself apart as a company dedicated to the health and wellness of the foot. Each footbed is made from 100% natural and renewable cork, literally the ultimate in sustainable comfort.

All of Birkenstock footwear is designed to mold directly to the contours of the foot and therefore requires a small breaking-in period. Styles come in two widths, narrow and regular. To insure the best possible fit, your feet should lie securely inside the footbed with about ¼" between your toes and the end of the shoe. With each wear, Birkenstock shoes and sandals deliver a perfect balance of support and shock resistance, allowing your feet and body to be naturally supported.

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