Capezio dance shoes, leotards and tights


If you’ve ever heard of anything connected to ballet (other than Natalie Portman in the Black Swan or Vaclav Nijinski), then you’ve definitely heard of Capezio. One of the most famous and prominent brands for all dances, but especially focusing on quality and performance when it comes to ballet, Capezio has over 100 years of tradition and recognition. Their modern views on dancing, adapting new technologies and developing technological advances with the goal of achieving the highest level of quality have all made Capezio a leader in dance business and industry and an absolute synonym for dancing.

Once a family run business, Capezio today is a big brand with genius innovations and creations such as Dansneaker and Tapsneakers, split-sole or stretch-insert, as well as leotards and tights and various other dancewear, always featuring the highest levels of performance and value among other brands. A proof for all that is in people who wear Capezio. Big stars such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly danced their best dances and plays in Capezio dancewear!

What other proof could you need to choose Capezio's comfort, breathability, professional performance, fit and style?

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