Best Brands of Sunglasses

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If you're on the hunt for a new pair of top quality sunglasses, consider one of these great sunglasses brands, found at Shopping Blitz: Carve 

Established in 1998, Carve is an Australian based and owned company whose mission is to provide quality sunglasses that won't break the bank. The brand has embedded itself into a wide array of sporting and lifestyle markets and has a large presence in local and international marketplaces. Carve has also built a strong team to complement its wide range of eyewear and has a team of 50+ covering everything from surfing, snowboarding and kiteboarding to FMX, MX, MTB, golf, DJ's and musicians. Native  

Native offers a large selection of performance eyewear, made for lives that are too amazing to be seen through an ordinary lens. Their active eyewear and sunglasses cater to outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers and athletes. The brand's technology advanced sunglasses and polarized eyewear feature interchangeable lenses that are lightweight and provide protection from external elements. Native's Polarized Crystal Carbonate® lenses are designed to remove glare and offer enhanced contrast and depth perception. Their lenses also block 100% of UV A & B rays and deliver optimum ventilation. Roberto Cavalli Eyewear 

Robert Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer known for his luxurious designs featuring exotic prints. His brand is synonymous with joy and optimism, glamour and success, and luxury and beauty, and his eyewear is no exception.  Cavalli creates a wide range of high-end fashion sunglasses featuring unique, bold and feminine designs, so you can take on the sun in style. Kenneth Cole New York 

Kenneth Cole New York is a brand that represents the metropolitan lifestyle. It started out as a footwear brand but has grown into a full lifestyle brand available in over 70 countries worldwide. Today, Kenneth Cole New York is well-known not only for its clothing and footwear, but also for its top quality eyewear and fashion sunglasses for men and women. Adidas Originals 

A leader in sports attire, footwear and accessories, adidas is the second largest sportswear brand in the world, catering to professional and amateur athletes and adventurers. The adidas Originals collection features sports fashion styles with a retro, old school feel. The Originals collection brings you performance sunglasses that are extremely durable and flexible, making them suitable for extreme sports, everyday wear and everything in between. To shop for sunglasses and clothes online from these top brands, visit us online at!