Cool Job Series: The Dance Instructor

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This month on our #CoolJob series we bring you another job we truly treasure – the dance instructor. Dance instructors share their passion and skills with others and teach all forms of dance from salsa and ballroom dancing to ballet, hip hop and tap. Whether dance instructors are teaching beginners some basic moves or are helping professional dancers master new choreography, they must have the right dancewear to help them feel and perform their best. Top dancewear brands like Motionwear and Capezio provide dance clothing and shoes that delivers the perfect fit, comfort and style. Plus, you can shop for these top brands of dance clothing and shoes online at Shopping Blitz.

Capezio Studio Pointe Shoes 

Capezio Studio Pointe Shoes are made with comfort, quality and value in mind. This pointe shoe features the hardest toe box Capezio makes, as well as an elasticized binding that improves fit and prevents gaping.  Capezio uses the highest quality materials to give you a shoe that’s quieter and lasts longer. Capezio pointe shoes are 100% handmade. Retails for $78.05.

Motionwear Pinch Front X-Back Wide Strap Leotard  

The Motionwear Pinch Front X-Back Wide Strap Leotard features a stunning low back and wide, comfortable straps that create a flattering silhouette across the back and pinched front. The leg openings are designed to be comfortable and flattering and to stay in place with every move. This leotard provides perfect comfort and coverage and is available in a wide range of colors. Retails for $41.00.

Motionwear Ankle Length Gusset Leggings 

Motionwear Gusset Leggings deliver a modern, fashionable style and fit. It provides a lower, yet conservative rise with a straight fitted leg. The high waist is flattering and comfortable and elongates the dancer’s lines. These leggings are flexible and breathable, allowing dancers to move around freely. Retails for $37.00.