Every Mom Deserves Love

Posted by Customer Support on

Finding the perfect gift for Mom can be challenging. However, this isn't a blog post telling you what we think you should buy her.  On the contrary, we couldn't even begin to imagine what your particular Mom would want. It's not because we don't have an idea of what's popular or an insight into what our customers need. No it has more to do with the fact that the term 'Mom' is to blanket of a statement. Moms have never fallen into one neat category. They are spread out across generations, demographics, interests and cultures. In other words, Moms cannot be pigeonholed.

However, the one thing all Moms do seem to have in common is the ability to maneuver their lives like ninjas. Show us a Mom anywhere and we will show you a multitasking genius. CEOs should  bow down to these mavericks. In fact 24 people across the country actually applied for the 'World's Toughest Job' and were blown away to find the 'Director of Operations' position was really a fake ad for Moms. Talk about perspective! Seeing all that your Mom has done or continues to do for you, don't you think she deserves the right to get what she really wants this year? We love Moms and have populated our Mother's Day Sale with every kind of Mom in mind. Let Mom be herself and jeez call her once in a while, will you?