How to Make a New Year's Resolution and Stick to It

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The New Year is a time of rebirth, a time to start fresh. If you make a New Year's resolution at the end of each year, then you're not alone. Research from the University of Scranton shows nearly 50% of people set resolutions, but only 8% actually achieve them. Fifty-four percent of goal setters neglect their resolution within the first six months. While these statistics may sound discouraging, they shouldn't keep you from making a resolution. Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, or spend more time with your family, setting a resolution makes you 10 times more likely to meet your goal. The key to setting a resolution and seeing it through is keeping it simple and tangible. Often times, we set resolutions that are too far out of reach or something we just have no control over, such as falling in love or getting promoted. With these tips form Shopping Blitz, where you can buy shoes and clothing online, you'll be sure to stick to your New Year's resolution:

  • Start small – When making a resolution, its best to keep it simple and start small. Rather than saying you want to lose 70 pounds, set goals for how you can accomplish that. Don’t make a single, large goal. Instead, set small, realistic goals that you can achieve throughout the year. It's not the actual change that matters; it's the act of making the appropriate lifestyle changes. If you want to exercise more regularly, then set aside 3 or 4 days a week for gym time rather than 7. The less attainable your goal is, the more likely you are to abandon it. To help you monitor your progress, use a fitness tracker or watch, like the Soleus Running Watch. It can track your performance and keep you on the road to success.
  • Set tangible goals – Along with keeping your goals simple, you have to make them tangible. A resolution to lose weight or spend more time with your family is not easy to follow. If you want to lose weight, it's better to set goals like going to the gym for an hour 3 times a week, or cutting out pizza, cookies and fries for your diet for 1 month. It's best to set goals that aren’t vague and that you can measure. To spend more time with your family, plan a family get-together every other week.
  • Don't expect quick results – If you set a resolution to be healthier or lose weight, you may expect instant changes to your body.  To see astounding results from these types of goals takes time. If you haven't lost all the weight you expected to lose the first 2 months, don't get discouraged. Keep with it. You're progress will be well worth it.

  • Welcome support – Achieving your resolution is easier to do with the support and encouragement of others. Don't hide your resolution from your friends, co-workers or family. Instead, make your goal obvious and talk about it openly. If you want to lose weight or quit smoking, your friends and family will support you on your journey. You could also join others who want to achieve the same goal. Join a fitness class at your gym or form a group of your friends who want to quit smoking. Doing something together helps motivate you to succeed and makes the journey less intimidating.
So, the next time you're thinking of neglecting your New Year's resolution, don't. Adjust your goals to make them more attainable and believe in yourself that you can accomplish them.