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Newness has allure, it dazzles the eyes and stimulates the senses.  In that vein, Shopping Blitz is proud to announce the launch of three brands we feel privileged to be able to share with you. Each brand embodies its own kind greatness, from expressing individual style, to outfitting an adventurous spirit or the ultimate in sumptuous comfort. Starting in the rebellious culture of the 1960's, Dr. Marten has since become synonymous with individual spirit.

The Dr. Martens brand has evolved into an iconic extension of creative expression, worn by people who classify themselves as individuals, free-thinkers, those that make it their mission to think outside the box. There is a rebellious kid in all of us waiting to blast through the preconceived notions of the past and create a world of our own making, a better one, one that our younger self would approve of. Might as well do it sporting a pair of Docs.

Columbia Sportswear believes that the road to better is paved with trying stuff. Outdoor enthusiasts and cold weather aficionados should be no stranger to Columbia Sportswear. What makes the brand so special and in-tune with their customers is the fact that they love outdoors as much as they do. They remain dedicated to creating high-quality performance products that keep patrons comfortable and protected, no matter what trails they decide to travel down.

The outdoors is about more than scaling Himalayas; it's a walk in your local park, it's a day in the garden or a week in the wilderness. Shopping Blitz believes as does Columbia Sportswear that you should live life to the fullest and we are here to provide the gear to get you there.

Take a look at Columbia's Great Moments In Trying Stuff

UGG® Australia for men is more about luxe relaxation then following the next adventure and Shopping Blitz is equally excited to carry it. We are known for our ability to knock it out at work but we also put full importance on our down time. The moment when you take your shoes off from the day and slip into a pair of sheepskin slippers or boots cannot be over emphasized. Transitioning to comfort, giving your hard working feet the gift of quality is the ultimate indulgence.

Fittingly Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is UGG's spokesman. Who would know better how to appreciate treating feet to luxury after a long day then a three time Super Bowl champion? One of only two players in NFL history to win the NFL Most Valuable Player and Super Bowl MVP awards multiple times, Tom Brady knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Tom Brady embodies the authentic style that is at the foundation of every product UGG Australia makes.

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