Shopping Blitz Launches 6 New Brands

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At Shopping Blitz we strive to provide our customers with the best brands of apparel, shoes and accessories for men, women and children of all ages. That’s why we bring you over 350 brands specializing in athletic, outdoor recreation, professional and causal products. This month we have added six new brands to the list. Whether you are shoe shopping online, seeking the best camping equipment or searching for lightweight winter clothing, Shopping Blitz has something for everyone. Check out our 6 new brand releases:

1. Aegean

You don’t have to be from Greece to wear these authentic Greek fisherman’s caps from Aegean. For the past 27 years, Aegean fisherman caps have been supplied in North America, where they have grown into one of the most popular hat brands. Made from the highest quality materials, including leather, cotton and wool, these caps can withstand a trip to the high seas or create a fashion statement for everyday wear. They are romantic in appearance, while durable in quality to handle all kinds of weather conditions.

2. Bloch

Bloch produces the industry’s best dancewear for male and female dancers of all ages. From dance clothing and leotards to tights and dance shoes, Bloch’s products serve dancers across all forms, including ballet, tap, jazz, Latin, ballroom, and dance fitness. Founded in 1932, Bloch is committed to delivering the best quality, fit, comfort and fashion. With Bloch dancewear dancers can look, feel and perform their best.

3. Bushnell

For over 60 years, Bushnell has delivered the finest high-performance sports optics on the market. Now available at Shopping Blitz, Bushnell headlamps are designed to provide brighter and more consistent light. The headlamp provides multi-level light that easily adapts to changing conditions, as well as a battery saving lock-out to prevent accidental battery use. With the rear mounted external battery, the headlamp can deliver strong illumination for extended periods of time. Shopping Blitz also offers Bushnell solar wraps. They are portable and reliable so you can have power to charge your devices while you’re on a long camping or hunting trip.

4. Fortress of Inca

Looking for unique, fashionable, high quality footwear? Shopping Blitz now brings you Fortress of Inca, a brand of beautifully crafted shoes from Peru. Only handmade in Peru, these shoes provide men and women with the finest quality leather and woven Peruvian textiles in every pair of shoes. Fortress of Inca produces stunning lines of wedges, sandals, flats and boots. These shoes deliver a high-end look while sticking to their authentic Peruvian roots.

5. Buff 

Buff has innovated one of the most versatile and effective accessories for outdoor enthusiasts – the multi-purpose performance head wrap. Whether you’re skiing on a freezing mountain or jogging in the hot summer sun, Buff headwear gives you the protection you need to enjoy your activity. Any head wrap can be transformed to protect you in both hot and cold conditions, and there are a variety of different ways you can wear it. In the winter you can wear it as a neck scarf or as a breathable face mask. In the summer you can use it to protect your head and neck from the sun, or wear it as a sweat band or bandana while you bike or hike. Buff headwear is manufactured to be seam free, so it won’t ever tear or fray. It’s made from high quality microfibers to bring you the most breathable, versatile and wind resistant head wrap for all your cold weather adventures.

6. Pajar 

Since its beginnings in 1963, Pajar has endeavored to become a pioneer manufacturer of cold weather clothes. The brand has accomplished that goal as it is a leading provider of cold winter clothes in over 40 countries. Using the knowledge learned from 5 generations of shoe making, Pajar continues to manufacture the most comfortable, durable, functional and fashionable footwear and apparel. Taking elements from the brand’s Canadian heritage, Pajar cold weather gear is created using waterproof properties and the finest materials, like genuine sheepskin and wool.