Supporting National Independent Retailer Month

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July is National Independent Retailer Month, a month dedicated to celebrating independent retailers. National Independent Retailer Month seeks to shine a light on the positive social and economic impact of independent retailers, as well as encourage consumers to support and shop at independent retailers year round. The primary objectives of National Independent Retailer Month, as highlighted on the official website, are:

  1. To engage independent retailer associations, small business organizations and retail thought leaders to demonstrate the importance of independent retail to the local, national and global economy.
  2. To connect consumers and communities to local independent retailers, reminding them of the benefits of shopping independent.
  3. To impact community growth, the independent retail sector, and the local, national and global economy.

Why are independent retailers so important? Local and independent businesses are often referred to as the backbone of America. When you shop at an independent retailer, versus a big box store with locations nationwide or globally, the money you spend stays in the community longer. As that money circulates in the local community, it helps stimulate the local economy. According to the event's official website, a dollar spent at an independent retailer is usually spent six to 15 times before it leaves the community, and from $1 you are creating $5 to $14 of value within the community.

By shopping at independent retailers you are also supporting the local traders and suppliers the retailer depends on to operate their business. Shopping at an independent retailer can stimulate the local economy, as well as enable local businesses to grow and prosper.

Shopping Blitz encourages you to support National Independent Retailer Month. Whether you need to shop for clothes and shoes, kitchenware, writing supplies or gourmet food, shop at an independent retailer rather than a big box store. Also be sure to stop by our independent retail store located in Union, NJ!