Zombies As Motivation?

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We are now well into the new year and resolutions are beginning to lag. It's always the same. The start of January brings with it a fervor for everything health and fitness. By the time February and the dregs of winter hit, we are back to our chips and couch-surfing. What if instead of the same old a wrench was thrown into the mix? 

A wrench in the form of a blood-thirsty, undead motivation like no other. Enter Race Yourself a new application for Google Glass, which adds a virtual reality element to exercise. The visual stimulation is meant to push you harder and faster, as you race yourself, friends and of course a pesky zombie or two. Race Yourself is currently available for pre-order.

Google is not the only company getting into the Zombie race.  Zombies, Run! is a new app available for iPhones and soon for Androids. A narrator talks you through missions in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. Beyond just motivation, this app puts you smack in the middle of the story. The game continues even when the exercise is over. Users are encouraged to log in when they get home and assign items to different buildings as they map out their next run. As more missions are completed and your base grows, more of the story is revealed. So instead of the zombies in your line of sight, they are forever chasing behind you. Talk about motivation! Youtube