CebeCebeCebe© was born at the end of the 19th century, in the heart of the Jura Mountains in France. From the very beginning the brand was worn by numerous climbers on expeditions, and in partnership with them Cebe© created products specifically adapted to the most extreme weather conditions. In the forties, a time when skiing holidays were becoming increasingly popular, the brand naturally extended its activities to the production of helmets, goggles and glasses for winter sports as well as for water sports.

In May 2009 the small company from the Jura accelerated its efforts and became part of the American group Bushnell Outdoor Products. Comfort, flexibility, ergonomics, frame and lens quality, are all qualities synonymous with Cebe© excellence worldwide.

Today Cebe© works both technically and stylishly alongside all sportsmen and women looking for a pure adrenaline experience. For all those who love ancestral know-how and the authenticity of the great outdoors. The fact that the brand is so successful is also due to its mindset: it determinedly sets its face to the future; Cebe© is constantly looking for new horizons to conquer!