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Gianna Rose Atelier® is the leader in the design and manufacture of fine, triple-milled soap and personal care gift soaps and accessories; products, fragrances and packaging that have forged a new dimension in the luxury, gift soap category. Gianna Rose soaps are 100% vegetable-based.Many Gianna Rose soaps are romantic in their appearance and feeling; while others exude pure whimsy; yet all are special, designed with your pleasure and enjoyment as the ultimate goal.

Gianna Rose understands that gift soaps must exude beauty and be incomparable in their performance. Natural botanical extracts and luscious, nurturing emollients are carefully chosen to create beautifully molded,triple-milled soaps. So feel confident that you will be purchasing the finest products available when you purchase Gianna Rose Atelier. Most Gianna Rose Atelier Soap Products are made in the USA.