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Imagine a sandal that supports the bone structure of your foot while cushioning the impact of walking at the same time. It's not a pipe dream, its Oofos. Oofos Oofoam technology is innovative and practical. Test results show that Oofoam technology is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most used material in footwear. What sets Oofos a part from the pack is its restorative component. A lot of manufacturer's claim their sandals provide support and comfort but Oofos actually restore your foot's energy and provides instant recovery.

Poorly designed footwear can not only make your feet hurt but cause stress and impact on other joints; hips, knees and back to name a few. For this reason and many others we at Shopping Blitz are personal fans of the Oofas brand. We spend a lot of time on our feet just like you do, and we want a sandal that can carry us from day to night. We love that due to Oofos flexibility, the sandal can move with our foot rather in opposition to it. A sandal that bends when your foot does and supports it on the way down as well! We hand selected the Ooriginal Thong and Ooahh Slide to add to our products because we want to wear them and have a feeling you will too.



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