Additional Styles

These professional work shorts are ready to make your bad days better by providing you with all-day comfort and a stylish glow. They're constructed with a 10-inch inseam with a straight leg design made out of polyester and Spandex for durable comfort you can depend on while you're in the workplace. Made with 7.3 ounces of stretch twill 98% polyester and 2% Spandex, these Dickies shorts are impeccably built. The lightweight fabric allows you to feel free and breezy for all-day comfort. The little amount of Spandex fabric makes the women's shorts have just the right amount of stretch. The majority of the design is made with polyester, which means Dickies knows what they're doing when it comes to making rugged khaki shorts. Polyester is extremely durable and will hold up through many, many wears. Polyester resists wrinkles, too, and it helps the work shorts keep their original shape though every wear. Not every work day calls for work pants. These Dickies shorts are built with a relaxed fit that allows you to freely move around and work. These straight leg shorts sit slightly below your waist and give you extra room in the seat and thigh areas for breathability and flexibility. The contoured waistband with stretch interlining prevents gapping to give you an even better fit. Finally, a pair of relaxed fit shorts that let you work! Material: Twill, Polyester, Spandex.