These Dan Post Cade Western Boots introduce a new look to EEL with the Cowboy Certified Outsole technology that Dan Post lovers rave about. EEL boots, although rare, usually have a shiny finish. These broad square toe Dan Post boots however feature the reverse side of the EEL skin to create a vintage suede finish, and a truly one of a kind boot. The Cowboy Certified Outsole is made of high-density polyurethane that is known for it's large strength to density ratio, which is another way of saying that this outsole is tough enough for every cowboy. The Soft Strike Removable Orthotic Insert is the highest quality orthotic insert in the market, created after years of research and is a brand new introduction to the 2016 Dan Post Boot Collection. This is a limited edition boot, so grab your very own pair of Cage boots while supplies last. Material: Leather.