These men's boots are designed with the eight-layer Rocky Original Ride performance system with dual-density oil-resistant and slip-resistant rubber outsoles. A right-angle heel and embedded safety grooves make the Rocky Ride outsole ideal for all work environments, including ladders and stirrups. Layers One and Two of the eight-layer system are the orthotic form and rear foot cradle. Your forefoot rests on a soft form with increased thickness in the heel strike zone. A rear foot cradle gives you stability. Layer Three is an upper enclosed cushion that's perforated. After wearing your work boots for a while, this layer forms to the contours of your foot! Layer Four is a welt innersole with a Flex Facilitator. Basically, the flex facilitator gives the men's western boots super flexibility. Next, there's the midsole. That's Layer Five. It's a full-length EVA midsole that absorbs shock, but also is really lightweight. Layer Six is the stabilizer shank. Made of double-ribbed tempered steel, it provides the maximum amount of stability and arch support. The cowboy boots also have a mesh lining to keep your feet cool. Layer Seven is the forefoot propulsion pad and rear foot landing pad. This is a unique two-part highly-cushioned system that increases three things: shock absorption, flexibility and comfort. Finally, check out Layer Eight. It's those outsoles. The Rocky Ride Outsole is a rubber work platform outsole that is oil-resistant and provides extra secure footing. The forefoot and rear section have a softer density to give you sure-footed traction. These 12-inch men's western work boots have full-grain leather uppers. The foot is dark brown paired with a tan shaft. The footwear has both pull straps and pull loops, as well as a round toe. The seams of the boot shafts are Expansion Fit Seams that stretch to make it easy to get your feet into your boots then return to their original shape. Material: Leather, Rubber.