This is a twist on the classic 1460. Dr. Martens swapped the smooth leather from the original Dr. Martens men's boot for a utilitarian waxed canvas, taking a cue from army kit bags. But style is as far as the military influence goes. This durable boot from the Core collection isn't for following leaders or falling in line. This boot is working class for riffs, and rebellious free thinkers. It's all waxy canvas, except for the top binding and the heel strap-that's in the new Laredo leather for contrast. There's silver antique eyelets, tonal stitch on the welt, and self-scripted black heel loops add some refinement. It has the iconic air-cushioned sole, that's oil-and-fat resistant with good abrasion and slip resistance. Finally, this shoe is Goodyear-welted, meaning the upper and sole are sewn together in a heat-sealed z-welt stitch. Material: Canvas.