The Knit Surf Bag Hybrid board bag offers UV shielding and ding protection in an everyday drawstring closure sleeve design. Slip your board into the high-quality acrylic bag with a 600D polyester padded nose and enjoy the added level of protection in transit, at the beach or in storage. Details: Thick, high quality acrylic knit fabric for ding protection, UV shielding and resistance to fin cuts, 600D polyester padded nose reinforcement, drawstring closure, limited lifetime warranty. If your luggage gets dirty, Dakine recommend spot cleaning with mild soap (like Nikwax Tech Wash), cold water and a soft bristle brush. Never attempt to put your Dakine luggage in a washing machine. Always ensure your Dakine luggage is dry (inside and out) before storing. Dimensions: 5'5'' (1.65m) Hybrid/Fish. Material: Acrylic, Polyester.