With the aim of creating a military boot that can be worn in scorching, damp and tropical settings, led to Rocky designing these Desert Tan S2V Jungle Boots. Its upper is outstandingly lightweight and incredibly durable because it has been assembled with flash-resistant leather and Cordura fabric that is able to resist abrasions, scratches and rips exceptionally well. Having drainage holes contributes outstanding breathability, allows water to disperse quickly and helps these men's boots to dry remarkably fast. A lace-up design is ideal for these Berry Complaint boots (made in the USA) because it allows your feet to rest securely down inside and it aids in regulating how tight or loose the bootlaces are tied throughout the course of the day and night. The interior has been crafted without the addition of a lining to preserve the lightness of these 8 ''? Rocky S2V boots. The bottoms of your feet will be surrounded by a steady flow of air, cushioned tremendously and feel at ease, because these desert-tan boots have an Air-Port footbed down inside of them. Roll-stop ankle stability has a significant impact on the steadiness of your footing, which in turn, prevents your ankles from rolling inside of these jungle boots. You'll be surprised by how durable, light and flexible the high-walled Vibram outsole is and will appreciate how easy it makes climbing/descending.