For those who prefer to play light and carry on the hips. A perfect fit so your gear doesn't budge - the Advance Skin 3 Belt Set nails it. Go fast and never thirsty. This hip-hugging carrying solution keeps your shoulders free so you can soar. The fabric stretches but doesn't slip. The belt has dual tightening for extra precision, which means no twisting or bouncing. Sensifit construction comfortably wraps your body without hindrance or chafing. The fabric stretches but doesn't become loose. Designed so you can reach everything you need on the go. Distribute the weight between front and rear or create your own perfect formula. A right place for each item means you can easily stuff, stow, grab and keep moving. Pockets and compartments: 1 front element with multiple secure pockets for energy and hydration, 1 back element for safety equipment and apparel. Hydration: Soft flask included (500ml/17oz). Pack weight (g) 141, (lb oz) 4.97. Material: Mesh.