Secure holder for spare flashlight battery packs. Keep a battery in the charger to ensure that you always have a fully charged power source on hand when your favorite tactical light runs low on power. The 5.11 sub c battery charging holder is compact and easy to carry. Swapping batteries in and out is easy and can be done in just a few seconds. The charging holder fits easily in a pocket or pouch and adds very little to the total weight of the gear you are carrying. To operate, simply place the rechargeable battery pack in the cradle. The battery pack does not need to be removed from the flashlight before charging, as charging the battery in the light does not reduce its overall life span. Features: Holds one spare battery pack and charges size c batteries, made of durable polymer plastic casing with metal battery connectors, provides about 500 charge cycles, compatible flashlights can be stored on the charger without reducing overall battery life, water resistant, protects charging batteries from water damage. Material: Polymer Plastic, Metal.