These oxford-style men's shoes are made with bison leather. They're made using direct inject polyurethane construction. This type of construction permanently attaches the soles to the uppers using injected polyurethane. This adds life to the brown shoes, making them long-lasting. It also adds some water-resistant properties, since there's no stitching. Cushioning your feet with every step are the Ultimate USA dual-density polyurethane insoles. Breathable in warm weather and insulating in cool weather, polyurethane is a great insole material. In addition to being shock-absorbing, it's also durable and stable. These bison leather shoes also have USA dual-density polyurethane outsoles. This type of outsole is lighter and more shock-absorbing than rubber outsoles. Two final features: this Wood N' Stream footwear features 3M scotchgard protector. This helps prevent stains, so you won't look like a total hooligan if you accidentally spill a spot of tea on your feet. This particular pair has its origin in America. Material: Leather, polyurethane.