Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boots are comfortable and lightweight with a focus on performance. The eight-inch C5C also is lightweight at just 15.5 ounces and won't weigh you down. The boot's aggressive EVA/rubber outsole allows you to grip the terrain for optimal performance. There's no time to waste and long-lasting laces are a must, so Rocky designed this boot with speed lace eyelets and NATO hooks through which you pull 550 paracord laces. Paracord is strong and lightweight parachute cord that will help you in survival situations due to its many uses and its strength. The nylon material dries quickly, and the 550 tells you these laces can hold up to 550 pounds. This C5C is a durable boot. It has a long-lasting leather vamp and a reinforced, stitched toe guard to withstand potential scuffs and abrasions. These also are comfortable military boots. The Rocky Air-PortTM Cushion Footbed is molded from durable PU that will never break down or lose its shape. The Air-Port Cushion Footbed circulates air with every step. Boot Height: Approx. 8'' Tall.