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Carabeamer Clip Flashlight

The Smith & Wesson CaraBeamer Clip Lights combine greater portability with long lasting use to provide a convenient light for all those unexpected situations. The Powertech CaraBeamers by Smith & Wesson are manufactured with bulb lives of up to 100,000 hours and use long lasting CR1220 lithium batteries that last up to 10x longer than standard lithium batteries, and the shatterproof LED diodes and the anodized aluminum casing keep the S&W Clip Lights protected from everyday wear and tear. The constant on/off feature makes the Smith & Wesson Cara Beamer Clip Light ideal for safely luminating locks and paths, while the momentary on/off switch gives its user greater facility for quick and easy use. The CaraBeamer Clip by Smith & Wesson easily attaches to jackets, purses, carrying bags, pockets, keyrings and more.