Introducing the Cavendish, a shoe with all the same attitude of the 1461, with a new style. The original 3-eye essential DNA remains, like yellow stitching, grooved sides, and heel loop. But the Cavendish is an evolution, with a modern, sleek silhouette. And just like that, a new icon of rebellious self-expression is born. The Cavendish 3-eye unisex shoe is made with a lightweight, Phylon midsole, and a slimline rubber outsole with good abrasion and slip resistance. The unisex shoe contains a wicking SoftWair Technology insole, keeping the foot dry and providing maximum comfort. The Cavendish is made with Temperley leather, a lightweight, full-grain leather, with a soft feel. The sole is stitched and cemented to the base of the upper and to the insole. Material: Leather, Rubber.