Muck Boot - Hale Boots

by Muck Boot

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Muck Boot - Hale Boots

Hale Boots by Muck Boot – A kid's boot that offers both protection and style, this boot is made out of a neoprene, rubber and mesh blend and offers a wrap-around sole for stability and durability, so kids can remain safe and sure footed. Easy to take on and off, these boots will handle well in most weather, and also include a breathable lining. 

All in all, the boots are able to hold up incredibly well, especially for active kids. They're bright and colorful and really pop, which is something kids can't get enough of. And for parents, these are easy boots to take on and off, and they clean very easily by just wiping down, thanks to the neoprene material used. 

The original muck boot is actually fairly new, only appearing in 1999, when The Muck Boot Company set out to create a high-performing boot that was incredibly comfortable and also attractive. Known for boots that are waterproof, scuff resistant and can hold up to any weather, the Muck Boot is a rite of passage for boot lovers who want something unique, attractive and durable.