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Hot Laps Pack 1.5L Bag

Bring along the pure essentials with the Hot Laps 1.5L biking hip pack. All your repair tools and snacks pack into the organized main compartment, which includes a dedicated fleece-lined phone pocket. A deployable side water bottle pocket keeps you hydrated. There's nothing like the freedom of the Hot Laps Pack. Adventures are messy. If your Dakine bag gets dirty, it's recommended hand washing it with mild soap, cold water and a soft bristle brush. If hand washing is not going to do the trick, use a front loader washing machine. To ensure your bag doesn't get tangled, place inside a pillowcase or mesh bag before washing. Always use cold water, mild soap and run on a gentle cycle. Never bleach your pack. Hang to dry in a warm but shady place, ensuring both inside and out are dry before storing. Dimensions are 92 cubic inches (1.5 liters), 8.5 x 6 x 2.5'' (22 x 15 x 6cm). Material: Nylon Ripstop, Polyester.