When the zombie apocalypse arrives, you'll be glad you picked up the exclusive Kold Khukri from 5.11 Tactical. Designed in partnership with world renowned blade expert Mike Vellekamp, the Kold Khukri is built to inflict maximum damage on undead targets. An extended 10.86'' modified khukri blade allows quick and clean zombie decapitations while keeping you out of reach, a talon tipped handle guard protects your hand against grasping fingers, and a perforating pommel provides impact options when the walkers get too close. Comes equipped with a custom carrying case that mounts on your belt or any MOLLE, slickstick compatible web platform. Act now or risk falling to the zombie horde. Features: 10.86'' long 6mm thick AUS 8 steel blade, hardened to HRC 58-60, black oxide coating, triple dorsal spikes, textured two-tone FRN scale grip and talon tipped handle guard. Material: Steel.