The definition of outdoor versatility, the Drifter Mid Hoodie W Jacket has two different face fabrics that deliver a very different look and level of warmth. Wear the shiny side out for maximum warmth and wind protection, wear the stretch side for a casual look and to allow more air to permeate the insulation for slightly less warmth. Thanks to reversible exterior fabrics, this is a hoodie for all seasons, with a versatile look and performance level that adapts to the climate. Wear the shiny side for maximum warmth and the stretchy side to be cool and casual. PrimaLoft 60g insulation delivers outstanding warmth to weight. Featherlight but as warm as a winter woolly, this hoodie folds down compactly to fit neatly in your pack. Details: AdvancedSkin Shield, Pertex and Primaloft concept, four-way stretch plain weave, Pertex classic and stretch fleece fabrics, active fit, hooded, full zip, two hand zipped pockets, reversible body, Primaloft insulation with 60g per m2 and stretch cuff on sleeves. Material: Fleece, Polyester, Elastane.