Have fun and dress up your winter look while adding warmth at the same. The insulated Drifter Mid W Skirt is highly versatile and can be worn over leggings, fitted pants, softhsell pants and even Nordic ski outfits. Stretch sides provide mobility. This piece is also reversible, creating even more personalization options. Reversible with different fabrics for different looks and different level of warmth. PrimaLoft 100g insulation delivers outstanding warmth to weight. PrimaLoft compresses compactly for better packability. Details: AdvancedSkin Shield, Pertex and Primaloft concept, four-way stretch plain weave, Pertex classic and stretch fleece fabrics, active fit, full zip, one zipped pocket, reversible body and Primaloft 100g per m2 insulation. Material: Fleece, Polyester, Elastane.