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Lakewood 4 Eye Oxford Shoes

The Lakewood is a laid back mix of lightweight canvas and rich, deep leather on top of a white sole. Inspired by military kit styling, this shoe is designed for easygoing attitudes and fall weekendsâ€when it's still hot during the day, but crisp and cool once the sun sets. Each Lakewood men's shoe has a plaque made from contrast brown leather at the top of its tongue, and a contrast heel strap. The classic Doc stitching matches the shoe's color, vs. the traditional yellow. Lakewood is made with a white Dr. Martens air-cushioned soleâ€all the comfort with good abrasion and slip resistance. The Lakewood men's shoe is made with Overdyed Twill Canvas, a canvas with deep, rich color, and Mohaw, a suede coated with a finish producing a rugged, antiqued effect. Material: Canvas, Suede.