Dr. Martens is proud to be an icon of rebellious subcultures around the world. But Dr. Martens is British to the core. The Made In England range is a love letter to British working class roots-each one made in Dr. Martens original Northamptonshire factory. It's there that a specialized team of cutters, clickers and welters employ a unique process-including traditional shoemaking methods and carefully preserved machinery-to create the distinct look of a Dr. Martens boot. The 8-eye Whiton unisex boot is a slimmed-down, contemporary reimagination of the classic Dr. Martens 1460 silhouette. Cutting edge style comes through in its wedge cut, lightweight sole-and the clean lines and premium leather turn up the dressy factor to at least eleven. The Made In England Whiton 8-eye boot has Dr. Martens iconic AirWair bouncing sole, that's oil-and-fat resistant with good abrasion and slip resistance-and has been since 1960. This shoe is Goodyear-welted, meaning the upper and sole are sewn together in Goodyear heat-sealed z-welt stitch for enhanced comfort. The Whiton is made with Arcadia, a classic, high-shine rub-off leather, giving a two-tone effect. Material: Leather.