Diadora Maracana ID are soccer shoes designed for stability and comfort during indoor play. The upper is made of soft kangaroo leather, which allows maximum flexibility while being water resistant. An anti-stretch lining is used inside the shoe to protect against premature warping of the upper. The partial hidden loop lacing system works with an extended tongue flap to provide a more even striking surface. Touch control allows for an exact touch on the ball. The insole is removable while the shoes are not being worn, and is made up of cotton and EVA foam for shock absorption. The midsole is also made of EVA foam with flex inserts to allow for controlled movement. Double action inserts at the heel absorb the force of impact with the ground, and one at the forefoot provides elastic rebound. The outsole is made of abrasion resistant gum rubber, and Axeler technology is used to transfer the force of landing into forward motion. Material: Leather, cotton, EVA foam.