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Myrtle Beach Straw Hat by Conner Hats

The Myrtle Beach straw cushable hat is made with hand braided organic raffia strips and sewn together to make one of the most durable straw hats on the market. Features a chin cord and soft terry stretch inner band for a perfect fit. It has UFP 50+ sun protection and a chin cord with secure toggle. Organic cotton inner pouch with care instructions. Raffia palm leaves can grow to over eighty feet long, the longest leaves in the plant kingdom. The leaves are cut without harming the plant so they regrow which makes Raffia a renewable resource. Raffia palms don't require fertilizers or pesticides so it is organic. Raffia is an extremely durable material and is excellent for making hats. 3'' brim and 4.2'' crown height. Material: Raffia Palm Straw, Organic Cotton, Terry Stretch Fabric.