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Additional Styles

Original 1000 Mile Rough Out Boots

Wolverine 100 Mile's given the Original 1000 Mile boot a new twist by making the classic pattern in rugged Charles F. Stead rough out leather packed with character. Charles F. Stead Waxy Mohawk leathers are tanned to be used rough side out (sometimes referred to flesh out). This is done to enhance the look of the suede texture of the leather and give it a natural break when flexed, making for a unique look. This leather has a rugged, broken in character and is saturated with a unique blend of waxes that are designed to shrink the fiber structure by up to 25% and give it greater and long-lasting integrity. Waxy Mohawk provides an appealing combination of natural texture and color which only gets better with age and wear. This boots feature: Rough out leather upper made by Charles F. Stead of England, time-tested Goodyear Welt construction for durability and flexibility, traditional stacked leather outsole with Vibram heel, signature contrast welt stich, 3/4 leather sock insert and flat waxed cotton laces. Material: Leather.