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Slide Sandals

Terox shoes are made of unique elasto-polymers that provide exceptional cushioning, rebound and elasticity. The shoes not only absorb shock, they have a noticeable ''bounce back'' effect. The elasticity of the material provides a secure, snug fit for a wide variety of foot shapes. They float, are non-porous, anti-bacterial and machine washable. Terox is an exceptional sports recovery sandal. The material delivers unparalleled cushioning to recharge and rejuvenate the entire body. It has maximum energy absorbtion and return to ease joint pain after strenuous activities. Terox shoes are contoured to support the arches of your feet. The shoes have a deep heel cup and good medial arch support. A slight heel rocker off-loads heel pressure and accentuates the arch support. This is an excellent shoe for people who love support and cushioning. The material is heat activated, so you do not feel the toe piece on the sandal.