Made of microfiber nubuck leather and microfiber suede, the rugged uppers have a velvet-like surface that�s resistant to wear. The smooth, metal-free surface of the uppers meets scratch-resistant workplace requirements. Having no exposed metal on these safety toe shoes means you won�t accidentally scratch or damage delicate materials. Protect your toes beneath the steel safety toes that meet or exceed ASTM 2413-11 impact and compression ratings. For additional safety, these Nautilus shoes are also static dissipative, which means you won't build up a dangerous charge that might harm sensitive electronics. The SD ratings also meet the ASTM 2413-11 testing standards. Highly durable slip- and oil-resistant stabilizer rubber outsoles on these red and grey shoes help to keep you upright. The soles grip and hold on to the ground helping you avoid injuries sustained from a fall.