This boot has the Georgia Waterproof system, so it's a guaranteed waterproof boot. Water, mud and muck stay on the outside when you wear this work hiker. The steel toe boot ensures that your toes are protected from tools and other objects that could fall on your feet. The waterproof steel toe boot meets ASTM standards for impact and compression. With these features, you can concentrate on the job and not worry about your boots. Made of full-grain leather, the men's boot also looks good with a style and comfort that you'll want to wear even on your day off. And no matter where you wear your hiker, comfort is important. This definitely is a comfortable boot due to the CC5 Comfort Core insole. This polyurethane insole was created for stability and comfort. It has an ergonomic arch for hours on your feet, and perforations on the underside make sure that air flows to your feet. Other interior features include a nylon shank for even more arch support and a high-performance mesh lining. This footwear has a polyurethane Suspension Outsole that's oil-resistant and slip-resistant. The outsole has suspended center lugs that help reduce the impact of work site conditions and dissipate energy into the midsole. This flexible outsole has Pivot Pods that resist abrasions for a longer-lasting outsole. The six-inch hiking boot has high-quality milled nickel hardware. ASTM F2413 I/75 C/75 protective toe classification. 6 Inches in height. Material: Leather, Nylon.