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Additional Styles

True Gent Wingtip Oxfords

TRUE linkswear's ode to the traditional fashions that shaped golf, the TRUE gent, combines the heritage of classic golf style with core built for walking. The TRUE gent is all you've grown to love about TRUE linkswear - comfort and tour level performance with a new wingtip style. The gent's wingtip upper is built out of ultra premium Italian leather, and a completely waterproof upper that literally wraps your foot in protection 360 degrees. Its built on top of the new TRUE Flex-Feel-Gent outsole, which is the lightest, most comfortable outsole we've built to date. The faux heel in the back gives the look of a classic shoe, but don't be fooled, this is a minimal shoe built with zero drop, meaning the platform is going to enhance your stability, traction, and ability to feel the course. Mix that in with TRUE's flexible nature, and you've got the ultimate performance shoe with style that GQ would be proud of.