Rocky Waterfowler Insulated Waterproof Hip Waders keep you warm and dry on the hunt. Made with 5 mm of Rocky waterproof neoprene, you can wade all day and the water stays out. There's also an interior waterproof zippered chest pocket that is ideal for stashing your cell phone or other valuable items. No worries. They won't get wet. With double reinforced padded rubberized knee guards, you can comfortably kneel and the reinforcement means the waders will last longer where you bend the most. Vulcanized MudSox outsoles on the bottom of the waders have a self-cleaning tread pattern that provides you with great in the mud and muck. Inside, 1000 grams of 3MTM ThinsulateTM insulation keep you warm during long hours and the coldest days of hunting season. These hip waders come in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass BladesTM.