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World Tour 5 Eye Tie Moc Toe Oxfords

Rockport World Tour black leather Steel Toe Oxford shoes are put together with a unique construction method that provides stable support. The stylish uppers are designed in an athletic oxford style, because professionalism is one part looking great and one part feeling great. The low-cut, black uppers of these Rockport works shoes are made with flexible leather. The soft leather is pliant and durable, resisting tears and rips to keep feet protected. Inside, airy nylon in the steel toe shoes encourages ventilation by keeping skin breathable and more sweat-free. The abrasion-resistant nylon mesh creates a layer of softness right next to the skin. There's no metal on the smooth, sleek upper design, nothing harsh or abrasive. The soft, cushioning insoles inside these Rockport works shoes are removable, so you can clean them any time for odor control. San Crispino construction joins the upper leather directly to the insole board with stitchdown construction. To make the bond even more secure, the upper is stitched right to the last before it is cemented to the sole. The tough construction blends two methods - stitchdown and cement - to give you a firm bond between sole and shoe.The soles, by the way, are slip-resistant, because you can't always change your pace because the floor is wet or slick. Oil-resistance protects the tread on these World Tour shoes from corrosive chemical agents you might find anywhere. Electro-static dissipation prevents static buildup on the soles, electrical energy which may otherwise harm electronics. Safety-approved steel toes complete the design. Rated to meet ASTM F2412-05 M I/75 C/75 requirements of impact- and compression-resistance, the steel toes guard feet against damaging falling hazards. Rockport World Tour Steel Toe Oxford shoes want you to look and feel professional, but they've put a lot of features in making you feel great, too. Material: Leather.